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Spend Nothing On Getting Your Skin Clear Through These Helpful Tips

By getridac On May 1, 2011 Under General | 20,792 views

Internet is now flooded with tons of alluring, promising and ecstatic headlines about getting rid of acne overnight. Unfortunately, 95% of these headlines are just promise and acne products don’t work. Most of these marketers are using the wonders of alluring headlines to capture as many customers and members as possible. And sadly, many people fell for it several times, including me, and didn’t achieve desired result for the skin.

If the methods and products you have tried before didn’t work, don’t be so frustrated just yet. Don’t you know that you can effectively treat your skin problem, particularly the redness, in just a week? Here are several methods you can try to cure your acne breakout.

•    Change your pillowcase once a week the least. Dirt, grime and bacteria are accumulated in your pillowcases which serve as breeding grounds for acne-causing bacteria. Dirty pillowcases may aggravate your skin problem.

•    Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This helps your skin to become hydrated and healthy, as well as your other body parts especially internal.

•    Try to avoid places with greasy and heavy air as much as possible including fast food kitchen, subway tunnels and restaurants.

•    Keep your face clean by washing it at least 2 times a day. Gently cleanse your face with mild cleanser to avoid acne from getting worse.

•    Break a sweat at least 30 minutes a day. You can try different forms of exercise such as sports, dancing, running, or aerobics. Breaking a sweat helps clear up complexion and pores. And make sure to change your clothes afterwards and dry your body with use clean towel.

•    Get your skin moisturizes with the use of moisturizer that is oil-free. Try to avoid using harsh lotion and heavy creams.

•    If your skin is too oily, top off your beauty regimen with toner. On the contrary, if your skin is dry enough, don’t use astringent as they might aggravate the skin condition.

•    Avoid squeezing your acne, even though it is really tempting as this will simply worsen the acne.

•    It is also advisable to have your skin exfoliated twice or thrice a week. Just don’t overdo it; otherwise it will dehydrate your skin. You can also try mud pack once a week to improve your skin condition.

•    Finally, if your acne condition is quite severe, it is advisable to make an appointment with you dermatologists to get proper and effective acne treatment.

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