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Five Effective Tips for Treating Acne

By Acne Scarring Removal On February 7, 2011 3,563 views | No Comments

Who would ever want to have acne? It can make one’s appearance ugly, aside from the fact that it can cause permanent acne scarring. Acne can occur in different parts of the body specifically in the face, which can be exceedingly noticeable. Unluckily, acne more often crops up on the face rather than any other parts of the body.

There are wide range of factors that cause acne including food types and environmental factors. Hormonal imbalance could be the silent culprit for acne breakout among women and men, which is usually resulted from medication, pregnancy or puberty. One can also get acne from using different chemicals and cosmetics. Similarly, stress can also be a contributory factor to the development of acne breakout.

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Three Step Process to Getting Rid of Blackheads

By Acne Scarring Removal On January 30, 2011 6,191 views | No Comments

When you look in the mirror and you happen to see blackheads on some areas on your face, you might ask which remedy is the best in getting rid of blackheads. It’s a good thing that there are three easy ways to remember and act out the complete blackhead busters. Aside from observing proper hygiene and living a healthy lifestyle, follow these three tips to make the most of removing unpleasant blackheads completely from your skin.

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Acne Prone Skin: Precations And Treatments

By Acne Scarring Removal On January 24, 2011 4,753 views | No Comments

The most common skin problem that teenagers and adults usually experience is acne, especially those who have acne prone skin. This is very prevalent among men and women even after passing puberty stage. Some may feel shame and embarrassment when attending social gatherings or teenagers may feel discouraged mingling with peers when they have acne. Cases vary since acne can be mild or it can be severe and needs to be given attention by a professional skin doctor.
Reasons For Acne Prone Skin

Our skin has pores which have sebaceous glands. These glands secrete oil. The skin pores having these glands are plenty around the face, neck, nose, cheeks and chin. Certain factors usually trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Thus, this oil gets trapped in the pores. As acne-causing bacteria attacks, acne breakouts are produced which followed by redness and pimples.

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Body And Back Acne Problem

By getridac On January 19, 2011 5,669 views | No Comments

When you get up in the morning and saw the unmistakable, small inflamed points in your face, you might hear yourself groan in disappointment. Teenagers and adults suffering from acne experience this kind of predicament. Just when you think acne just stays in the face, you get horrified when a bunch of them already invaded in your neck and back.

Many people admit to having acne aside from the face. This could be found in the neck, chest, upper arms, and other body parts. Some often called acne in the back as ‘bacne’. Why does this happen? Acne, is caused by excess oil trapped the skin pores, and gets irritated when invaded by bacteria. People with overactive sebaceous gland are more prone to this. Acne in the back and chest are usually common in males.

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Acne Scar Removal Treatments: Natural Or Chemical? Which Is Safe?

By Acne Scarring Removal On January 10, 2011 12,988 views | 1 Comment

These days, market offers wide variety of treatments, formulas, solutions and products to treat and improve almost all kinds of skin condition. There are too many options to the extent that we have to be so thorough to sort out treatments that really work. in getting rid of acne scars, you can have wide-range of treatments, but then again, you must sort those treatments out and come up with the most effective and safe solution. Now the question is: “which treatment should you opt – the chemical peels or the natural exfoliation”?

The Chemical Peels

This type of treatment that is used to remove acne scarring involves application of particular acid type on the affected areas. The acid will burn the skin’s top layer. As the skin surface burns and peels off, the new, smoother layer of skin will be revealed. The new skin layer will then look smoother, cleared and fresher

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Prevent Acne: Control your Sebaceous Glands

By getridac On January 4, 2011 18,367 views | No Comments

Pimple or acne is one of the most common skin problems among young adults and teenagers. This is usually caused by sebaceous glands over activity which leads to overproduction of oil. Find out how to manage sebaceous glands and control acne occurrence for a long run.

Pimples can be prominent and awful, and can significantly affect the self-esteem of the sufferer. Most people who have acne will surely wish to have blemish and acne free skin. To achieve this desire, one must find suitable way to prevent acne.

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