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Laser Treatment For Acne Scars: Solution For Your Problem Skin

By Acne Scarring Removal On February 28, 2011 Under Acne Scar Laser Treatment | 5,543 views

One of the most effective treatments in getting rid of acne scarring is laser treatment for acne scars. Many patients were known to be satisfied and were able to regain their self-confidence after the treatment. According to them, the ugly acne scars were completely removed after the procedure, which can be suggested to people of all skin types.

Laser treatment entails burning skin cells with the use of wand-looking laser piece. The new, fresher skin cells will be revealed afterwards. The specialists will make sure that only affected areas will be treated and know how deep the laser should penetrate on the skin.

Types of Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

Taken from acne.smarthealth-guide.com

•   YAG Laser – It is laser solution for acne scars that employs an ablative but not so detrimental laser technique.
•    CO2 Laser – Similar to YAG laser, CO2 laser solution utilizes ablative, but more harmful technique. An ablative type of laser is characterized by skin’s sun blasting.
•    Fractionated Laser – this laser solution entails treatments such as fractionated radiofrequency and Fraxel. Both are known to be beneficial for reducing acne scarring. The main downside of this laser solution is that it should be done multiple times to get desired results.
In order to get the full effect of the treatment, the acne scarring type should be determine. That way, best laser solution for particular acne scarring will be applied. Below are different types of Acne scarring that can be treated through laser solutions.

Different Types of Acne Scarring

•    Keloid Acne Scars – it is a type of acne in which the skin is raised and firm with reddish-purple color. It pulls out further than the area on the skin where the primary wound is found.
•    Atrophic Acne Scar – It is the aftermath of deep acne. It is characterized by its pin-like pocket and miserable appearance on the skin.
•    Hyperthropic Acne scars – the appearance of this scar is similar to keloid scars, though it usually comes in pink color. Hyperthropic scars may stay on the affected area but may fade over time.

Laser Treatment For Acne Scars Removal – Procedure

Laser acne removal technique entails the use of laser tool to the scarred area. In the process, the skin’s outmost layer will be removed therefore revealing the new, more natural-looking skin. It will take some time to heal. As a result, the scar appearance will be minimized. Other types of laser surgery targets the skin’s underlying layer to fuel up the development of collagen and improve the scarring from the inside.
During the surgery, the patient will be under local anesthesia. The operation must be done only by professional surgeon. The laser surgery generally takes about a couple of minutes or hours to finish.

Aftermaths of Laser Acne Scar Surgery

You may be recommended to utilize gentle soap in washing the treated skin, which should be patted dry afterwards. Application of antibiotic medications along with non-sticky bondage may be required for protection. Antibiotic is prescribed to avoid the risks of infection.
The scars caused by laser surgery can be treated by medicated creams. For pain or discomfort, oral medication can be taken. Your skin will start to regenerate within 4 days. Make an appointment with your surgeon after about 2 weeks of treatment.

Hyperpigmentation may also occur after the surgery. Overexposure to sun’s UV rays should be avoided. If there is an occurrence of infection, do not be distressed. You can prevent these with the use of ointments, oral antibiotics and creams.

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