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Improve your Acne Problems with Deep Breathing

By getridac On November 17, 2010 Under General | 36,863 views

Many acne sufferers are looking for many natural ways to improve their skin condition and solve their acne problems. One natural and proven to be effective in getting rid of pimples is Deep Breathing and Yoga. The process involves conscious deep breathing exercises. This breath control practice is known as Pranayama.

The term Pranayama is a two combined words “Prana” and “Ayama” which means “vital energy or life force” and “extension” respectively. In other words, Pranayama means “extension of the dimension of vital force”. When properly used, pranayama will be able to activate your life force and attain its fullest.

Deep Breathing To Improve Acne

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Nevertheless, when breath control is simply used, the performance of cells, tissues, and internal organs will be enhanced. Breathing is known to be the most essential process of our body. This process is closely associated with the performance of our brain, which is responsible for controlling all activity in our body including immune system regulation and hormonal activity. These are enormously essential when one is dealing with pimples. The proper breathing helps our body detoxify by improving the effectiveness of cleansing activity.

“But I am breathing already, why should I need to learn breathing?”

You may not be aware but we usually breathe roughly 15 times in a minute, which is approximately 21,500 times in a day. Mostly, we are unconscious in this process, but we can actually control it anytime. Most people don’t breathe correctly and are not aware of it. Due to improper posture such as sitting in chair for too long, minor injuries and irregular exercise, the flexibility of our body is reduced resulting to improper breathing process. This also results to inflexibility of our mind so we tend to low-breathe fast when angry, or frustrated and hold our breath for long when scared or frightened. As you become aware on the pattern of your thought, it will be easier for you to asses how your breathing routine is interrupted.

“Okay, how can I start then?”

You can start by evaluating your breathing routine now. Are you using your nose our mouth to breathe? How fast are you breathing? What do you think of your breathing – is it swallow or deep? Are your side ribs, lower part of the chest or top of the lungs expands when you breathe? Determine if the air that comes in is cool and the air comes out is warm.
By observing these things, your breathing rate will automatically slow down and more natural and relaxed rhythm will be established. So start observing your breathing pattern everyday.
You can also try below breathing exercises.

Abdominal Breathing
Deep or abdominal breathing is one of the most efficient and natural method of breathing. The process involved breathing pattern that is comparable on how babies breathe. You can notice how babies breathe while they’re sleeping. That is your goal.

•    Make sure that your setting will not be interrupted by anything for about 10 minutes.
•    Wear comfortable clothes such as loose clothing.
•    Lay your back on the yoga mat or carpeted floor that provide firm but soft surface.
•    Make sure that the temperature is quite comfortable.

•    Find a comfortably lying position. Close your eyes and place your arms in the side.
•   Observe how you’re breathing without controlling it. Allow it to be natural. Just continue for about a couple of minutes.
•    Then, put your right hand on your abdomen and the left on the heart area.
•    Start inhale and exhale through your nose.
•    Inhale deeply and notice the diaphragm while it is drawing down into your abdomen, extracting it and pushing your navel to the highest peak. The abdomen should be expanded to the fullest without extracting your rib cage or breathing sideways.
•    As you exhale, diaphragm should return to its original place and permit your navel to move down, packing together towards your spine.
•    As you inhale, your right hand must move upwards and move downwards as you exhale, while the left hand shouldn’t move in any way.
•    You abdomen should not have any tension and don’t even try to control or force your movement at all.
•    The breathing routine should be even and slow. At the end of every inhale and exhale, you should pause a little.
•    Keep on doing this breathing exercise for at least 10 minutes.
•    Once done, drink at least 2 glasses of water.

This breathing exercise will help your enhance your mental state and improve your skin condition with just 2 to 6 weeks. Maintain this deep breathing exercise and you’ll see the improvement as you go on.

To find out more on deep breathing to improve performance, health, and well-being, click here to find out more.

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  1. Maggie
    December 24, 2010
    3:41 pm #comment-1

    didnt know tat using deep breathing is an acne solution. tks

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