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Huge Acne Outbreak, Here Are The Reasons

By Acne Scarring Removal On October 28, 2010 Under Acne Scarring Causes | 36,340 views

Acne Outbreak Reasons

A huge acne breakout can be frustrating and devastating to many people. These huge pimples are also noticeable particularly when occur in the face. Acne outbreak sufferers (maybe you) may feel ashamed going out thinking that people might see their ugly outbreak. They tend to hide on the place they think safe or cover their acne in any way. Some may even use heavy make-up to hide their pimples or even pick it up thinking it would be eliminated that way. Either way, they are just making the outbreak even worse.

Huge Acne Outbreak

Taken from http://www.sknclinics.co.uk

Acne Outbreak Solution

Most people neglect small pimple outbreaks. That is one of the most common mistakes of huge acne sufferers as those small outbreaks mostly lead into more serious condition. It won’t get worse in the first place if they just treat the smaller ones properly. Usually, smaller acne breakout can be treated easily with home remedies. And since the pimple became worse, the treatment may take longer and more expensive.

Many people tend to ignore small pimples thinking that it will clear out on its own. They think that having pimples on their body is just natural. They continue neglecting them until they became larger and more serious to the point that the help of dermatologist is needed. In most circumstances, acne is due to the infection caused by bacteria. They usually leave behind noticeable scarring and blemishes.

Acne Outbreak Mistake

Acne sufferers also pick and break their huge pimples believing that it would be the quick solution, which is the greatest mistake of those who suffer from acne outbreaks. As they pick their huge pimples, serious impact to the skin is created. The substances that are being extracted from the acne also spread out, causing fresh outbreak to other skin area. It will be advisable if you will not be tempted to touch your pimples at all. Instead, search for acne treatments and medications available in drugstores. If you are not treating your huge acne properly, the tendency is to have acne scarring. I recommend you to discuss your skin condition with you dermatologist if you are suffering from huge pimple. That way, you will be able to know what method and treatments is best for your acne outbreak.

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1 Comment Add yours

  1. Susan
    December 15, 2010
    5:03 pm #comment-1

    Ya, its true when I have small breakouts which I did not care at first. After a week or so, I will usually have huge breakouts on my face.

    So I agree with u that we need to take note and care our face when there is a small breakout. It’s to prevent acne from attacking.


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