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Archive for the ‘Getting Rid Of Pimples’ Category

The 6 Common Myths about Acne – Busted!

By Acne Scarring Removal On December 21, 2010 6,414 views|No Comments

Acne is one of the distressing skin problems one may ever have. Those who are affected are looking for different ways to treat it, either naturally or chemically. But as you look for treatment, the root causes of acne must be considered as well. Unfortunately, there are numerous falsehood associated with acne. And when one rely on these myths, the treatment usually turns out failure.

So here are those myths you should look out for to achieve effective and proper treatment for your acne.

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How To Pop A Pimple The Right Way

By getridac On November 24, 2010 14,114 views|1 Comment

Popping pimple is not what most beauty experts and our moms say in agreement, that those nasty pimples are best to be left alone. Its part of growing up, didn’t they say that? Well, the reason why grownups say to leave those pimples untouched is because if popped wrongly, it may lead to a more serious scenario. The rule of thumb is, to be clean and thorough. Here are some tips:

Popping Pimple Correctly

Taken from www.howtoclearyouracne.co

Popping Pimple Correctly

You would be needing alcohol, needle or pin, tissue paper, and an anti-bacterial facial wash. If everything is ready, you may begin by taking a shower. If popping pimples on the face, make sure to clean that hair and pull them out of your face. Hair is the dirtiest part of the body and you don’t want infection and cross-contamination happening. Then with clean

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