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Archive for the ‘General’ Category

Spend Nothing On Getting Your Skin Clear Through These Helpful Tips

By getridac On May 1, 2011 20,760 views|No Comments

Internet is now flooded with tons of alluring, promising and ecstatic headlines about getting rid of acne overnight. Unfortunately, 95% of these headlines are just promise and acne products don’t work. Most of these marketers are using the wonders of alluring headlines to capture as many customers and members as possible. And sadly, many people fell for it several times, including me, and didn’t achieve desired result for the skin.

If the methods and products you have tried before didn’t work, don’t be so frustrated just yet. Don’t you know that you can effectively treat your skin problem, particularly the redness, in just a week? Here are several methods you can try to cure your acne breakout.

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Five Effective Tips for Treating Acne

By Acne Scarring Removal On February 7, 2011 3,541 views|No Comments

Who would ever want to have acne? It can make one’s appearance ugly, aside from the fact that it can cause permanent acne scarring. Acne can occur in different parts of the body specifically in the face, which can be exceedingly noticeable. Unluckily, acne more often crops up on the face rather than any other parts of the body.

There are wide range of factors that cause acne including food types and environmental factors. Hormonal imbalance could be the silent culprit for acne breakout among women and men, which is usually resulted from medication, pregnancy or puberty. One can also get acne from using different chemicals and cosmetics. Similarly, stress can also be a contributory factor to the development of acne breakout.

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Improve your Acne Problems with Deep Breathing

By getridac On November 17, 2010 37,610 views|1 Comment

Many acne sufferers are looking for many natural ways to improve their skin condition and solve their acne problems. One natural and proven to be effective in getting rid of pimples is Deep Breathing and Yoga. The process involves conscious deep breathing exercises. This breath control practice is known as Pranayama.

The term Pranayama is a two combined words “Prana” and “Ayama” which means “vital energy or life force” and “extension” respectively. In other words, Pranayama means “extension of the dimension of vital force”. When properly used, pranayama will be able to activate your life force and attain its fullest.

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