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Archive for the ‘Acne Scar Treatment’ Category

5 Easy Ways of Acne Scars Removal

By Acne Scarring Removal On February 15, 2011 11,083 views|1 Comment

Having acne scarring can be more stressful than having acne scars removal itself. The treatment in getting rid of acne scarring takes longer, and in some unfortunate cases, it can be permanent. Most people who suffer from severe case of acne scars tend to ask for specialists’ advice. Below treatments might be suggested by dermatologist to acne scars removal.


This kind of treatment involves removal of skin layers with the use of “sanding” while the sufferer is under anesthesia. It generally takes about 2 weeks to recovers from this treatment. Scabs may appear after the treatment, which fall off soon after. As you recover, your skin will look younger and fresher. This is highly suggested for acne sufferers who have very dark or very light skin.

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Acne Scar Removal Treatments: Natural Or Chemical? Which Is Safe?

By Acne Scarring Removal On January 10, 2011 12,988 views|1 Comment

These days, market offers wide variety of treatments, formulas, solutions and products to treat and improve almost all kinds of skin condition. There are too many options to the extent that we have to be so thorough to sort out treatments that really work. in getting rid of acne scars, you can have wide-range of treatments, but then again, you must sort those treatments out and come up with the most effective and safe solution. Now the question is: “which treatment should you opt – the chemical peels or the natural exfoliation”?

The Chemical Peels

This type of treatment that is used to remove acne scarring involves application of particular acid type on the affected areas. The acid will burn the skin’s top layer. As the skin surface burns and peels off, the new, smoother layer of skin will be revealed. The new skin layer will then look smoother, cleared and fresher

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