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Archive for the ‘Acne Prevention’ Category

Acne Prone Skin: Precations And Treatments

By Acne Scarring Removal On January 24, 2011 4,733 views|No Comments

The most common skin problem that teenagers and adults usually experience is acne, especially those who have acne prone skin. This is very prevalent among men and women even after passing puberty stage. Some may feel shame and embarrassment when attending social gatherings or teenagers may feel discouraged mingling with peers when they have acne. Cases vary since acne can be mild or it can be severe and needs to be given attention by a professional skin doctor.
Reasons For Acne Prone Skin

Our skin has pores which have sebaceous glands. These glands secrete oil. The skin pores having these glands are plenty around the face, neck, nose, cheeks and chin. Certain factors usually trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Thus, this oil gets trapped in the pores. As acne-causing bacteria attacks, acne breakouts are produced which followed by redness and pimples.

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Prevent Acne: Control your Sebaceous Glands

By getridac On January 4, 2011 18,303 views|No Comments

Pimple or acne is one of the most common skin problems among young adults and teenagers. This is usually caused by sebaceous glands over activity which leads to overproduction of oil. Find out how to manage sebaceous glands and control acne occurrence for a long run.

Pimples can be prominent and awful, and can significantly affect the self-esteem of the sufferer. Most people who have acne will surely wish to have blemish and acne free skin. To achieve this desire, one must find suitable way to prevent acne.

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Prevent Acne Breakout by Changing your Diet

By Acne Scarring Removal On December 29, 2010 7,942 views|2 Comments

One of the most disgusting and troublesome skin conditions one could ever have is acne. While some people get mild acne, there are some that get bad acne breakout which can lead to severe and deep scarring. In order to get rid of this ugly skin problem, you must be paying attention to your diet.

Many people are debating whether altering acne diet can really improve acne condition. But so far, some evidence has been gathered that can prove the wonders of changing diet to get acne-free skin. As an old saying goes, “we are what we eat”.

Let’s be honest, changing diet alone won’t solve your skin condition nor clear up your acne breakouts, but it will help. Aside from that, you should also maintain the cleanliness in your skin by moisturizing and cleansing it at least 2 times daily.

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The 6 Common Myths about Acne – Busted!

By Acne Scarring Removal On December 21, 2010 6,414 views|No Comments

Acne is one of the distressing skin problems one may ever have. Those who are affected are looking for different ways to treat it, either naturally or chemically. But as you look for treatment, the root causes of acne must be considered as well. Unfortunately, there are numerous falsehood associated with acne. And when one rely on these myths, the treatment usually turns out failure.

So here are those myths you should look out for to achieve effective and proper treatment for your acne.

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Acne Info You Need To Know About

By Acne Scarring Removal On November 30, 2010 21,401 views|2 Comments

Unknown Acne Info

Acne info that most of us do not know. Our skin does a lot of things for us in order to be healthy. It helps us keep bacteria out, produce oil to keep our skin soft and smooth and sweat to cool down. There are different glands underlying on our skin layer to achieve and perform above tasks.

To the extent that pimples, acne, zits or whatever you call it are concerned, the oil glands, also known as sebaceous glands, should be the one to blame. As the kids age and turn into adolescent stage, there is stimulation occurs on the sebaceous glands and other body parts. As the sebaceous glands become stimulated, they tend to generate more oils. The sebaceous glands can usually be found in shoulder, check, face and back.

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