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Acne Prone Skin: Precations And Treatments

By Acne Scarring Removal On January 24, 2011 Under Acne Prevention | 4,591 views

The most common skin problem that teenagers and adults usually experience is acne, especially those who have acne prone skin. This is very prevalent among men and women even after passing puberty stage. Some may feel shame and embarrassment when attending social gatherings or teenagers may feel discouraged mingling with peers when they have acne.  Cases vary since acne can be mild or it can be severe and needs to be given attention by a professional skin doctor.

Reasons For Acne Prone Skin

Our skin has pores which have sebaceous glands. These glands secrete oil. The skin pores having these glands are plenty around the face, neck, nose, cheeks and chin. Certain factors usually trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Thus, this oil gets trapped in the pores. As acne-causing bacteria attacks, acne breakouts are produced which followed by redness and pimples. acne prone skin

Hormonal imbalance, changes in lifestyles, and stress are usually the common causes of acne. Since most teenagers are prone to this condition, puberty changes are the causes of acne. It was also believed that imbalance in skin physiology triggers acne.  Unhealthy eating habits, dirty surroundings and stress are known to produce breakouts.

Tips For Those Who Have Acne Prone Skin

There are recommendations which treat and lessen acne and free our acne prone skin from its distressing after effects. The first one is to maintain proper hygiene by washing affected areas with lukewarm water several times a day. It is also advised to exercise always to boost immune and cleansing system of the body, especially when one has acne prone skin. If you know you are allergic to some foods, avoid them as much as possible. Drink plenty of fruit juice and water. These help flushes toxins away from the body. Do not prick or touch breakouts and pimples.

Healthy Ways To Prevent Acne Prone Skin

Live a stress-free life since acne is known to get plenty when one is stressed. Make sure to avoid oil-based makeup. This will only worsen breakouts. Opt for water-based makeup. Do not use harsh chemicals on your face.

Given time and patience, acne can be treated and scars usually lighten. Sometimes, men and women just have to go through acne phase at some point in their lives. Most of the people who suffered major acne usually overcome this condition and get beautiful skin afterwards.

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